Yes, I grew up with a camera in my hand. I am one of the few photographers that actually started photographing when there was ONLY film cameras!  I went to college and studied photography at two different schools in two different states and have two different degrees in the photography and arts field. Photography is what I do.

I adore and specialize in photographing intimate weddings and am honored to have been named one of the best Atlanta wedding photographers for 2015! Of course, I photograph other important events too! I photograph things, family portraits, head shots, celebrities, musicians, and I have even photographed conventions in Las Vegas with over 26.000 people in attendance. My photo booth has also been to over 5 states for corporate events!

What does photography mean to me? 

Photography is an experience and it should be a great experience from beginning to end. I want you to feel at ease, to have fun and to be so excited that you can’t wait to see your images. Memories happen in an instant and I want to be there to help you preserve those memories. Every photography session is important and unique in its own way. I understand the importance of what a single photograph can mean. Sometimes all we have left of a loved one is a photograph.  Our memories may fade, but a photograph can bring those memories rushing back. What greater feeling is there than remembering a special time that may have faded when life continues on.


The laugh you laughed that day. The tears you cried that day. The hug you felt that day. 

I would love to hear your story! How can I help you capture memories for your special day or event?


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