(these are my most frequently asked questions. if you do not see your question answered below, please feel free to drop me an email)


  1. What should we wear to our family portrait session? you should wear what makes you comfortable with a few exceptions. Avoid patterns. Patterns can be distracting in photographs. This is including words and logos on clothing especially shirts. Generally it is best to stick to a color family for example shades of blues. Remember to wear nice shoes. Yes, your shoes may be in the photos.
  2. Should I bring a snack for my kids? YES!  It's a great idea to make sure they eat prior to the family portrait session, but kids tend to lose interest easily so a snack break may be required. Water is suggested in case of spills on clothes and a snack that is not messy or that will leave discoloration on hands and face. So, no cheese puffs at the shoot.
  3. Where should we have our family portrait session? Where ever you want. No, really, I have a catalog of great outdoor locations we can discuss for your session to make it a unique experience. I'd also love to hear your suggestions.
  4. How long will the family portrait session be? I always estimate at least 2 hours. This will allow for potty breaks for the kids and/or snack breaks.
  5. Should we bring a change of clothes? No, a change of clothing isn't required. If there is an infant participating you may want to bring a change of clothing for the infant in case of accidents.
  6. Will you travel from Georgia to where we are located for our family portrait session? ABSOLUTELY! Let's talk more about this.

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