Photographing "things" is part of photography. While my main focus of photography is wedding based, that doesn't come without a constant flow of items to photograph. Like what? Well, there is jewelry, shoes, dresses, FOOD, hair accessories, watches.. all sorts of things! I even photographed flooring for a short period. Yes, flooring, like wood pieces, linoleum. 

While studying business photograph in school, I also minored in commercial photography. Saying I specialize in one type of photography would be silly. Yes, I focus on one type as a business model because trying to keep my hands in all the types with the marketing, networking, equipment.. would be insane. Especially when wedding photography combines all types of photography in one day alone. I can go from photographing portraits, to items, to speeches, to the different events that happen back to portraits. All in one day!  

You have seen plenty of my portraits throughout my site here, but now let me show you a few examples of some things I have photographed.