April + Mike | Downtown Ocala Engagement


How do you have a successful engagement session? storyboard004 Location! 

Work with your photographer to pick a location that works for your couple style and engagement! If your location has no meaning to you as a couple then your photographs will reflect that. Revisiting a location where you had your first date, or where you said "I love you" for the first time will help enhance the power of the images. Get creative!



Clothing can make or break a session. Color palettes play a huge role especially when looking at your location. As with each other, you want to make sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing. It may be hot, it may be cold, it may rain and you will be cuddling/kissing/running/walking.. dress appropriate! These are your engagement photos and a lot of people will be seeing these images.



But really, if you are not comfortable with your photographer and you are not comfortable with each other.. your engagement photos will show that. Finding a common ground and letting the story of love develop through the photos is the reason for the session. Everyone gets nervous while having their photo taken. Heck! I know I do. So, HAVE FUN!


Time of day!

My favorite time of day to shoot is sunrise and sunset. Yes, I can make beautiful images at high noon.. but the there is nothing that can replicate the golden natural beautiful light of the first break of day and the last rays before the dark. So, what happens when your time of day doesn't go as planned like when it rains? You go with the flow because who cares YOU'RE ENGAGED!


Congratulations on your engagement April and Mike!