Shawanda + John |Trolley Barn Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Photography | The Trolley Barn

Every detail for this Trolley Barn wedding was perfect and they welcomed me along their journey as a friend. When Shawanda told me her wedding dress was going to be PINK I had no idea what to expect. What I got was a fun, relaxed, over the top, happy bride! I believe the dress set the whole tone for the day- AH-mazing.

When they told me the wedding was unplugged I couldn't have been more excited! Turning your phone off during the ceremony allows the guests to really be part of why everyone came together…. That is why you hire a wedding photographer, so your guests don't have to take the photos. It's nice not to see 20 cell phones up in the air.

As I right this blog, I am starting to think back to the tacos (that were unlimited and oh so delicious) from the Tex's Taco truck!  If you ever see that truck, GET THE CHICKEN TACOS!

bride getting ready

bride shoes and rings

groom getting ready

groom details

bride and groom portrait

pink wedding dress

bride details


Trolley Barn wedding

bride portrait

bridal party

groom portrait

reception details

father daughter dance

mother son dance

maid of honor speech

Best man speech

Tex Tacos

tex tacos

bouquet toss

garter toss