Why you should take engagement portraits!

When I am in a meeting with a bride this question almost always comes up, "Have you had your engagement portraits done yet?" It doesn't matter if the bride lives down the road from me or if she lives in 5 states over.. I still ask. I still ask for a variety of reasons... 

You and your fiance should have nice photos of yourselves starting this marriage journey. Nice photos that aren't in your wedding clothes! You will have tons after I photograph your wedding, but you should also have nice regular clothing portraits!

It will give us a chance to work together before the wedding! Some of my out of state brides will book their engagement session with me when they come down to check on how their planning is going. This not only allows us to work together, but for some its the first time we will actually meet in person (not Skyping) after the booking.

Its FUN! It's a break away from all the hectic planning. Its a chance for the 3 of us to disappear for a couple hours. You should take a break! You can even bring your dog.

They look great on your wedding website! Yea, they do!