Black and White versus Color | Krisandra Evans

It's the tale old battle of which is better… Black and white or Color? When you don't know which one to post, what do you do? Krisandra Evans | Atlanta Photography |

99.9% of the time I will post color images. That .1% of the time I do post a black and white images it is because for some reason it caught my eye more than the color image did. Why is that?

Krisandra Evans | Atlanta Photography |

Black and white tends to be more simplistic. Timeless. Less distracting. More dramatic. Right?

Krisandra Evans | Atlanta Photography |

Then there are times where you want the image to grab your attention. You want to see all the colors involved because they play off each other to make the image. And sometimes who really cares how timeless the image looks because, well, it's just that good of an image!

So, you tell me.. Black and White OR Color?

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