5 Tips For A Great Headshot

By definition:"A head shot or headshot is a photograph of someone's face. Many head shots are promotional pictures of actors, models, authors, or other famous individuals." I have specialized in (children's) head shots for the last 4 years. So, what makes a great head shot, you ask? Well, you might as well ask what makes a great photo. But, here are some pointers:

1. Connection. Eye contact is KEY. You want to be able to look at the image and feel the person is looking you in the eye. If your subject isn’t intrigued then neither will the person viewing photograph.

2. Simple backdrop. We are here to see the person in the photo, not where you took the photo. If the backdrop is visible then it should support the subject and not be distracting.

3. Clothing. Simple solid colors are always best. Also, try to avoid solid white – it can be distracting. The eye tends to go toward the brightest part of the image and you don’t want that to be the shirt your subject is wearing. Also, minimal jewelry and makeup. BUT- if your client insists on wearing white and patterns pull yourself together and MAKE IT WORK. After all, you are a professional.

4. Vertical: In my experience, comp cards are generally vertical. If you take a horizontal shot, make sure you pull back enough to where it can be cropped vertical. There is nothing worse than having your client love the (horizontal) shot you took only to hear they can’t use it because it can’t be cropped vertical.

5. Posing: Head shot means just that. Pose from the shoulders up and fill the frame. Don’t “cut off” the top of the head. Proper facial expressions can also affect posing. Change up expressions!

But, most importantly, you need a good photographer! You have to have fun and feel comfortable during a head shot session or it will reflect in the photo that is primarily, well,  your face. Head shots are about capturing your personality, so make sure you bring it to your session.

Black and White versus Color | Krisandra Evans

It's the tale old battle of which is better… Black and white or Color? When you don't know which one to post, what do you do? Krisandra Evans | Atlanta Photography |

99.9% of the time I will post color images. That .1% of the time I do post a black and white images it is because for some reason it caught my eye more than the color image did. Why is that?

Krisandra Evans | Atlanta Photography |

Black and white tends to be more simplistic. Timeless. Less distracting. More dramatic. Right?

Krisandra Evans | Atlanta Photography |

Then there are times where you want the image to grab your attention. You want to see all the colors involved because they play off each other to make the image. And sometimes who really cares how timeless the image looks because, well, it's just that good of an image!

So, you tell me.. Black and White OR Color?

Krisandra Evans | Atlanta Photography | www.KrisandraEvans.comKrisandra Evans | Atlanta Photography |