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This is Demi and Matt - they are a stunning couple. And yes.. I say this about all my couples because all my couples are stunning. But, they were totally into each other. Even during their engagement session (which we did in their beautiful home with their adorable pup) they were just all about each other. And that is what makes amazing photos. Well, a lot of things happen that make amazing photos, but being into each other is a key part. They just have a sexiness about them as a couple and its rare that I use the word "sexy" about wedding photos. And can we talk about that veil for a moment. I. Cant. Even. I am a sucker for a long, flowy veil (flowy is a word, right? My spell check keeps disagreeing with me). Flowy. Flowy. I'm going to say that is a word and if it really isn't it is now a word to describe wedding veils. Done. (ok. I googled it and it is a word, my spell checker just doesn't like the word.)


Oh and Matt got Demi's name tattooed on his ring finger!

They got married at The Barn at Tatum Acres in Jasper, GA! And of course I can't say enough about this venue that sits on 75 acres. From the bridal suite, to the inside of the barn, THE VIEWS, the outdoor dance area. It's just stunning up there and the crew are just the sweetest ever. And I mean it, some venues are good, but this one was outstanding.

They were so accommodating to whatever we needed, and the venue owner, Miss Debbie, even moved my car for me when I was busy photographing because we all know I always park in the wrong place or leave my gear laying around. Which reminds me, Miss Debbie even held onto a lens I accidentally left out there on a pile of wood because I was trying to get this shot. Totally worth it, wouldn't you agree?! My lens is fine, by the way, haha.


Do you see this wedding cake! I have seen a lot of wedding cakes like a lot, but nothing like this one. I mean.. its hanging from the ceiling. From the ceiling! By a chain! You guys. I need to see more suspended cakes. The cake was definatley a center piece at this reception which is why you get a lavish cake, right? Kinda sets the tone for the reception and the couples style. Here comes that word again, SEXY.

Not only was the cake display stunning, but the flowers and greenery were a wedding photographers dream. I mean, ah! The estate table was just dreamy. The pale pink lush flowers against the wood with alllllll that greenery is for sure one of my favorites.

Demi and Matt, thank you for having me along on your wedding journey.


The Barn At Tatum Acres - Atlanta Wedding Photographer


Wedding Venue: The Barn at Tatum Acres

Wedding Planner: Ivy Marie Weddings

Wedding Flowers: A Delicate Petal by Melissa

Wedding Cake: Cakes by Carissa

 Wedding Photographer: Krisandra Evans