K + R | Camp Pinnacle Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Photographer


My couples are important to me, so important in fact that I forget the other side of wedding photography. The other side which is showing YOU ALL the weddings I photograph. Well, it's time to change that. I have so many amazing wedding days to show! So let's start here, with Katie and Ryan in North Carolina at Camp Pinnacle!

Yep, I travel for weddings. My couples are so awesome, how could I not?! (Have current passport, will travel- just putting that out there in case anyone wants to elope to some random amazing place) Camp Pinnacle is one of those locations that is close enough to Atlanta that I can do it in a day. Drive up, shoot, drive back. That is the great thing about being an Atlanta Wedding Photographer is that so many amazing venues are really within driving distance to each side! You can get to Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and all over Georgia!

So yea, Camp Pinnacle is a pretty awesome venue, very similar to some that I have photographed here in Georgia. It's exactly what the name suggests, A CAMP! So there is all sorts of open space, amazing tree lines, loads of cabins, an amphitheater with seating, covered picnic area, and of course in the middle of the mountains on a lake. These types of venues are a lot of fun because you rent them out and then your wedding party and/or family can stay in the cabins and you get full access to all the camp has to offer! Not only is it a wedding, but a mini vacation for everyone else. Not that your wedding day is about anyone else, but some people may travel far or some of them may work harder than others for your wedding day. It's nice to able to offer something like this to those people.

And hey - sometimes its even the bride and groom who travel too! This actually was that type of wedding. The bride and groom use to live in Georgia, but not anymore. We actually did their engagement session (which I still haven't blogged well because yea I am behind) when they were in town checking on the wedding planning part of things! I really need to blog that engagement session. It was a good one. We literally just walked around Cabbagetown and hung out. I should blog that one soon.

What I really loved about this wedding day though is that they made it like it was at a camp! From the custom camp sign, using all the property (for ceremony, getting ready, photos), bbq for dinner, and just a really relaxed vibe throughout the night. They didn't try to make it something it wasn't like making all the bridesmaids wear stay in heels at camp, haha, which I have seen before. And that says a lot for your wedding day and how your reception will go. If you make your guests feel at home comfortable you can almost guarantee that you will have to kick people out at the end of the night.