Should you have a first look? | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

From a wedding photographers standpoint, of course you should have a first look! But - from a traditional standpoint, all signs point to no. So, whats the deal with a first look? Why is it important? Who came up with this whole concept? Should you have a first look on your wedding day?

Alright, so I don't know who came up with the first look concept - but they had some great ideas behind it. This is not me trying to convince you to have a first look and break tradition, I love tradition - but here are some reasons to consider why you might want to have a first look. | Atlanta Wedding Photographer | East Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Private Moment

Having a first look means you get a private moment with your loved one. A time where you get to see each other for the first time before anyone else. A private moment to cry, to pray or even to exchange gifts. The first look also allows us the freedom of an extra half hour to take more portraits in different lighting, and different locations before guests are in them. | Atlanta Wedding Photographer | East Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Your Timeline

Perhaps you are having a sunset ceremony, or you are getting married on NYE.. a first look will allow you the opportunity to have photos during the day when there is light. Now this doesn't mean you won't get fun, artsy, creative sunset and nighttime portraits too - but do you want ALL your photos to be at sunset or in the dark? It really is something to consider. This idea can also be applied if your wedding day forecast has the dreaded R word - R A I N! ahhhhh. But really, umbrella photos are super cute and I always come prepared, but do you want all your outdoor photographs to have umbrellas in them? Maybe you do and that is OK! Sometimes weather and lighting are things that can't be avoided, but again, it is something to consider. | Atlanta Wedding Photographer | East Atlanta Wedding Photographer

More Photo Opportunities

I mentioned it earlier and it's still true! Having a first look will give you more photo opportunities not only with your significant other, but also with your wedding party! You want to be the fun bride you see in wedding magazines. You would be amazed at what an extra hour of time can do for your photography experience. Saving ALL your photos for after the ceremony really cuts into what we can accomplish. You will really have to decide which photos and poses with your family and wedding party are important and which ones can be cut. | Atlanta Wedding Photographer | East Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Enjoy Cocktail Hour

Having a first look means you get to be present during cocktail hour! If you decide not to have a first look this is what we have to accomplish during that 45 minute span of time: any remaining family formals of both families together, the whole wedding party together, and of course the bride and groom portrait session. Can it be done? Of course it can! I do it all the time, but is it hectic? Yes! Are family members so excited that sometimes the family portraits take longer because Cousin Eddie is at cocktail hour? Yes! Has 2 groomsmen left to go to the restroom and now we have to wait for them to get back? YES and Yes. It's OK! We will still make gorgeous photos, you just won't get to attend your cocktail hour because believe me when I say it will take that whole hour to accomplish every photo we need to accomplish. And heck, you may not even want to go to cocktail hour, but maybe you would like a private moment with your now married spouse before you are introduced into the crazy next stage - THE RECEPTION!


Now that I have boggled your mind even more than it already was, lets talk about it and the options for your day! Just know that which ever option you choose that it will never lessen that moment of you walking down the isle to meet your loved one at the end of it. Nothing, not even a first look, can compare to that moment. | Atlanta Wedding Photographer | East Atlanta Wedding Photographer

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