Tracy + Dan | Washington D.C. elopement

2015 was filled with all sorts of adventures and one led me to photograph Tracy and Dan's wedding in Washington D.C! Not only did I fly out to D.C., but it just so happen to be during Hurricane Joaquin. But don't worry- we didn't let that stop us (not even the horrible airplane turbulence stopped me) we just changed venues! Ok, maybe we were in the direct path of the hurricane, but that hurricane did provide us with some challenging weather.

Tracy, and her daughter Daisy, provided everyone with these super cute flower umbrellas to help against the rain (which I still carry mine in my purse, Thank You Tracy!). With umbrellas in tow we had to brave the weather and have a portrait session at the National Mall.

23 reasons to elope!

     By definition elope (e·lope, iˈlōp) means? verb "Run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent. More specifically, elopement is often used to refer to a marriage conducted in sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving hurried flight away from one's place of residence together with one's beloved with the intention of getting married." Here are 23 reasons TO elope!

1. You can be less formal. 

Don't want to wear a ball gown like your mom thinks you should? Not comfortable in a suit and tie? Scratch all that and wear what YOU want. After all this is your day!


2. It's truly romantic. 

No, really.

3. You have better things to spend your money on. 

Like a house, or a honeymoon, or a family vehicle, or rent, or anything else that is NOT a wedding.

4. You can choose your location!

You don't have to find  venue that will hold 150 guests in your budget or worry about hotel accommodations either! Who is to say you can't get married in that quaint little spot in the woods you and your fiancé love so much? Or how about on a remote beach? Or over seas! The possibilities are endless!


5. You can't please everyone.

In the end someone will not be happy about something like the music or the food or whatever. Seriously, with so many people giving opinions on what they think is best you can loose focus of what YOU really want for YOUR day!

6. You save time.

Planning a major event takes time. And a lot of it! You're busy, we know.

7. Privacy.

Maybe you don't need everyone in your business. Not into having everything posted on Facebook and Instagram? Well, if you elope you won't have to worry about being tagged in photos! Not everyone needs a gift registry. Who wants to write all those thank you notes anyway?


8. You have been married before.

Yep, been there and done that. Maybe you don't feel the need for the traditional ceremony. You already did the big wedding thing and know the reasons to elope, so you can stop reading now :-)

9. Religion/Culture.

Blending various religious and cultural backgrounds may not sound as easy as you think. Eloping is a way to avoid the cultural and religious clashes.


Who says your elopement location couldn't double as your honeymoon location? Go somewhere exotic! Remember you didn't have a wedding, so you can afford it ;-)

11. No invitations!

This person forgot to RSVP. Should we invite so and so? Wait, didn't they get divorced. What is their address? Did you invite so and so? Forget these questions because your eloping!

12. You don't want to wait.

And why should you? GET MARRIED NOW!


13. Complex family tree.

The idea of all families getting along is awesome, but the reality is not all families get along. Avoid the arguments and fuss of family drama and ELOPE!

14. You. Are. Pregnant!

CONGRATULATIONS! Eloping is less stress on your body. Point blank period.

15. To be unique.

Do you know any couples that eloped?


16. Avoid being a BRIDEZILLA!

It's inevitable. At some point someone will call you a bridezilla to your face or behind your back. Avoid this stereotype and elope!


That is all.

18. The food.

No guest allergies to worry about. No per plate costs to consider. Eat whatever you want and a lot of it! And in most cases you will actually get to eat on your big day!

19. The PAR-tay!

2 words: OPEN BAR. Stress level -4. Now all your friends and family can join in for the celebration on a less planned scaled weeks or even months after you have eloped!

20. You have been together for-ev-er...

14 years later you decide to tie the knot. Everyone already thinks you are married.

21. Deceased family members.

Maybe your father has passed or even a sibling. After a major life event the idea of a big wedding sometimes looses it value.

22. Your Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard!

Yep, you can booty shake to that song all day and not have your grandma give you funny looks.


You can hire the photographer you want, instead of the photographer you can afford. You don't have to worry about splitting the budget between cake, flowers and dj. Photography can be the item you splurge on. Just because you decide to elope doesn't mean it can't be documented beautifully.


Bridesmaids and their look at your wedding


It's fairly common for brides to put extra time and effort into looking their best on their wedding day including extra time into things like hair and makeup. And in most cases its fairly common for a bride to ask her bridesmaids to do the same. Or in some cases demand they spend the extra time looking their best.

 But how do you ask your bridesmaids go that extra mile for your wedding day without seeming like a bridezilla? Like this!

1. Lay it out for them and tell them early! Tell them what you want as far as hair and makeup are concerned. Let them know the details like light eyeliner or if a half up half down hairstyle will work for the up do you expect them all to have. This will give them time to plan and collect ideas. You could even have a girls night with some wine and good music to finalized the details that way there is no confusion or "mishaps" on the morning of your wedding. Once things are finalized your bridesmaids can be prepared for the bill as well.


2. Yes! It is insulting to ask a bridesmaid to change how she looks. Ok, so its your wedding. Your big day. But- she is your friend for a reason, so why would you ask her to change for one day. Asking a friend, a bridesmaid to cover tattoos, change hair color, lose weight can hurt emotionally. But hey! It is your wedding. Just be cautious if you are planning to ask these of your bridesmaids.


3. Remember its ok to tell your bridesmaids how you want them to do hair and makeup on your wedding day, but it's not ok to tell them what to do in the days leading up to your wedding. IT IS considered rude to ask a bridesmaid not to cut her hair till after your wedding. IT IS considered rude to ask a bridesmaid to tan or not to tan leading up to your wedding.


4. The attention is on the bride. Keep that in mind! Your bridesmaids DO want to look best for your wedding. They realize they will be in photos, walking down the isle too, and part of toasts. Keep that in mind when trying to help plan her look. She needs to feel comfortable too. She will be looked at more than if she were just a guest at your wedding. If she is uncomfortable it will show.


Krisandra Evans | Wedding Photographer | KrisandraEvans.com

Keep in mind that if you feel your guests will not like how one of your bridesmaids look then maybe its not the friend you should be changing. This is your day. You shouldn't think about what anyone cares about except maybe your future husband.


Your bridesmaids are there to be your friend and your support system.

They aren't there to make the wedding prettier. They aren't your accessories.